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Statement on Same Sex Marriage

15th August, 2015

This week the Government resolved to allow all Australians to vote freely on whether or not to change the Marriage Act to allow same sex marriage.  I support this decision.  I believe that allowing all Australians to have their say on this issue is a fair and reasonable method of resolving the matter.  The voting process should be as straightforward and simple as possible and for this reason I favour a plebiscite.

In the national ballot I will vote to support change to allow same sex marriage.  Having thought deeply about this matter, I feel that the current Marriage Act is unfair and should be changed.  I do not think that Government should determine who can marry on the basis of their sexuality.  It is important that any change to the law in this area preserves religious freedom.

My vote will be only one out of millions cast on this matter, and I believe that is appropriate on an issue where so many Australians hold deep personal beliefs.  One of our strengths as a nation is our capacity to disagree in a civil and respectful manner, and I am confident that the discussion on same sex marriage will again demonstrate that strength.

David Coleman MP
Federal Member for Banks