Federal Member For Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications


Federal Member for Banks, David Coleman MP, is calling on Hurstville City Council to address traffic issues on Roberts Avenue, Mortdale, caused by the opening of the new Woolworths.

At a community meeting outside Woolworths on Saturday, Mr Coleman said that it is one of the biggest issues that he is hearing about in the whole Banks electorate.

“There are so many problems in this short stretch of road, and I won’t stop fighting until a solution is found,” Mr Coleman said.

“We have traffic banking up both sides of Roberts Avenue, meaning that local residents can’t turn in or out of their streets.

“We have people risking accidents by turning right out of Woolworths into busy traffic, because they are frustrated by how long they are stuck there for.

“It is also very dangerous for pedestrians as well. With Roberts Avenue being so much busier, it’s very hard to find a safe time to cross the road.

“This whole area is a major concern. Council needs to act as soon as possible.

Mr Coleman said that a petition will be distributed to local residents calling on Council to act.

“I encourage everyone to sign the petition and return it to me, to help demonstrate the high level of community concern over this issue”.