Federal Member For Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications


Federal Member for Banks, David Coleman MP, today called on Bankstown Council to scrap proposed planning changes for Padstow.

Mr Coleman said that the proposed changes were inappropriate for the suburb:

“The Council plan lays out a disturbing vision for Padstow.  Under the proposal, many streets in Padstow would be rezoned, with buildings of between 3 and 8 stories permitted.”

Mr Coleman said that the impact of the plan would be widespread across Padstow:

“The character of Padstow would significantly change if this plan goes ahead.  More than 30 streets around Padstow would be directly affected, with buildings of between 3 and 8 storeys allowed.”

Mr Coleman said that the village atmosphere of Padstow had to be taken into account in considering planning changes:

 “I have received many calls from residents over this issue.  I recently distributed a survey in the community to ask Padstow residents their views, and their responses have been overwhelmingly against the proposed changes.”

“Let’s be clear: this is the wrong plan for Padstow. While we do face increasing population pressures in NSW, it does not follow that Padstow needs to be turned into a high density centre. Padstow is not the Bankstown CBD – and we don’t want it to be.”