Federal Member for Banks, David Coleman MP, said that he was pleased that Julie Bishop MP, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Scott Morrison MP, Federal Minister for Social Services, were able to join him in Hurstville to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The ministers joined Mr Coleman at Club Central, Hurstville today on along with nearly 1000 guests.

“It was my pleasure to host a Chinese New Year Celebration for our local community,” Mr Coleman said.

“The local Chinese-Australian community play an integral part in making our area strong, diverse and vibrant. To come together and celebrate special events such as Chinese New Year is important”.

“I wish all Chinese-Australians a Happy New Year and wish them all the best for a happy and prosperous Year of the Sheep”.

Mr Coleman said that performances by local groups were a highlight of the celebration.

“Sydney Musicool Ensemble, organised by Ms Sally Zhong, the Chinese Culture of Academy, led by Dr Lin Bin, and Asian Women at Work, led by Lina Cabaero, were very entertaining – the crowd loved today’s performances”.