David Coleman MP, Federal Member for Banks, recently visited Peakhurst Park to see the results of the Federal Government’s $100,000 upgrade to facilities.

Mr Coleman was welcomed to Peakhurst Park by Peakhurst United Chairman Mathew Papas and other members of the Peakhurst United management team.

Mr Coleman was at Peakhurst Park to inspect the new seating and lighting which had been recently installed. The Federal Government provided $100,000 towards this important local sporting infrastructure project.

“The new seating is great news for Peakhurst United fans as well as supporters of visiting clubs,” Mr Coleman said. “It’s great for parents to be able to watch their kids play sport and it will now be even easier at Peakhurst Park.”

“The new lighting will allow teams to train in the early evening during winter months when days are shorter “Mr Papas said. “This will be a great benefit to our growing club which is now 270 strong.”

In recent years Mr Coleman has secured more that $1 Million towards the upgrade of sporting infrastructure in the St George area.