Local sporting clubs will be able to play under better lighting conditions this year following upgrades to lighting towers at home grounds across the St George area. 

The Federal Government has provided $500,000 for the upgrades, with the installation of new lighting towers set to begin in the coming months.

The project is set to fund a new lighting tower at Renown Reserve, four new lighting towers at Riverwood Park, four new towers at Oatley Park, new towers at Beverly Hills Park, the replacement of lights on existing towers at Gannons Park, and a new lighting tower at Peakhurst Park.

The new lighting towers will cover fields at some grounds that currently do not have lighting, meaning clubs will be able to fully utilise the available space. LED lights will also be used where possible in order to provide a higher quality of light and reduce energy bills.

Sporting clubs are run by volunteers who do a fantastic job of raising funds to support their teams, however it is also important for Governments to fund improvements to facilities. 

Funding improvements to sporting infrastructure is a good investment as its impact is wide reaching and long lasting. There are thousands of players and volunteers that get involved in club sport in our area – many of whom will benefit through the lighting upgrades that are set to occur.

Participation in club level sport has been rising in our area for some time. Last year’s season was interrupted, however there are already promising signs that participation will be back to pre-COVID levels this season with many players keen to get back on the fields.

I look forward to seeing these upgrades completed for the benefit of our sporting community.