Federal Member For Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications


David Coleman MP, Federal Member for Banks, is pleased to announce that significant works are now underway at Yeramba Lagoon in Picnic Point to address invasive weed growth.

Mr Coleman recently visited the Lagoon to meet with two teams who are working to remove invasive weed species from the area.

“Over $500,000 of Federal funding is now being used to improve Yeramba Lagoon, which has been an issue for residents of the local area for many years,” Mr Coleman said. “It’s great to see teams out on the water, removing the carpet of weeds which has grown in the Lagoon after years of neglect.”

In addition to the Federal Government’s Green Army Team, who have been removing invasive species from the areas surrounding the Lagoon, a team of specialist weed removers have begun work on the surface of the water to remove the growth that has developed, and spray invasive species. The specialist team will work at Yeramba Lagoon over the coming months.

“For too long, Yeramba Lagoon has been in poor condition. Many local residents have raised their concerns about the waterway with me over a number of years, and I am pleased to see progress being made on this project,” Mr Coleman said.

In addition to weed removal teams, the Federal funding will also be used to restore the weir structure at Yeramba Lagoon, which will allow salt water to flow into the waterway.