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Padstow Local Area Plan Petition

I am very concerned about the potential impact on Padstow of Bankstown Council’s draft South East Local Area Plan. The plan would see more than 30 streets rezoned, with building sizes of between 3 and 8 stories. 

I am strongly opposed to this plan, which would change the character of Padstow forever. Many residents have raised their concerns with me in recent weeks. 

This issue was discussed at a Community Meeting I held in Padstow on February 19. If you are also concerned about the plan, please add your name to my petition below. I will ensure that the petition is passed on to Council. 

Below is a map of what Padstow would look like if the plan goes ahead, the numbers indicate the number of stories that would be allowed in the different locations.


Padstow Local Area Plan Petition 

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