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Shadow Minister for Communications

Rowland Must Explain ABC Actions at Woodside CEO Protest Site

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland must release to the Australian public all information which she holds about the ABC’s conduct at the protest in Perth on August 1.

The Minister must:

    1. Publicly release all information that her office holds regarding the conduct of the ABC at the protest. This includes all communications on the matter between the Minister and the ABC.
    2. Explain whether or not the Minister supports the ABC’s conduct.
    3. Say whether any ABC employee will face any consequences as a result of their conduct.
    4. Explain any further action that the Minister is going to take on this matter.

Given the strong and ongoing concerns about the role of the ABC in this incident the Minister must now provide clear and transparent answers to the Australian public on this whole affair.

The Minister should release documents her office holds on this matter today – and come out and state whether she supports the actions of the ABC.

Minister Rowland should also reveal what further actions she will be taking and whether there will be any consequences for ABC staff.

There is considerable public interest in this issue and Australians have a right to know what the Minister responsible for the ABC is doing and thinks should be done.

It is clear there are many questions still to be answered and it’s time for the Minister for the ABC to come out and provide a full explanation to the Australian public.