The Party of ‘Mediscare’ Has No Credibility on Fighting Scam Texts

The party of the notorious ‘Mediscare’ campaign has no credibility when it comes to tackling scam text messages.

History has well-documented how the Labor Party sent messages during the 2016 election campaign purporting to be from Medicare.

Their false claim that Medicare would be privatised was a fabricated lie of the highest order and carried out as part of a grubby political campaign by the ALP.

So for the Labor Party to now pretend that it’s concerned about protecting Australians from scam texts from those pretending to be from government agencies is breathless hypocrisy on their part.

The Communications Minister talking about creating an ID Registry to take “decisive action” against scammers pretending to be from government agencies is comical in its lack of self-awareness.

It is to be hoped that today’s announcement of the creation of the ID Registry stops the Labor Party from future attempts to scam Australian voters.

The Hon. David Coleman MP
Federal Member for Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications