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Shadow Minister For Communications, Transcript – Door Stop Interview – Optus Outage

Subject: Optus Outage



David Coleman: Well, this is a catastrophic incident that we’ve seen today. We have never seen a telecommunications outage quite like this. The people who are paying the price are Australian families and Australian small businesses. We’re seeing crucial public services not able to be contacted by phone. Hospitals, other very important parts of our community that are out of touch because of this outage. Now, Optus needs to communicate clearly and consistently with its customers and the broader Australian community about what is happening to resolve this issue. The Government needs to say what are they doing to help bring this to an end. The Government has a lot of powers around cyber security and other issues and the Government can’t simply say it’s not about us. The Government needs to assist Optus, it needs to get on the front foot and it needs to help bring this to an end. The Government also needs to say what it is doing to help people to access government services that have been affected. We know a lot of government services have been impacted and people can’t get in touch. What is the Government doing to help those people? To put in place alternative arrangements so that people can still access these really important services. This is a catastrophic incident. There’s no precedent for an incident of this kind, and Optus needs to do everything it can to get this resolved, communicate with its customers and the Government needs to get on the front foot in assisting Optus to resolve this very serious issue.