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As your Federal Member of Parliament, I am here to be a strong voice for our community in Canberra. As I said in my First Speech to the Parliament, the people of Banks are my boss...

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David was elected to the House of Representatives as the Federal Member for Banks in September 2013. He was re-elected in 2016...

About Banks

Banks includes much of the St George district and parts of the Bankstown and Canterbury areas. The following suburbs are in the electorate...

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Padstow Park


Work is set to begin next year on a major upgrade of the sporting and community facilities at Padstow Park. The upgrade features the installation

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Good to chat with local residents this morning as part of my Listening Post meetings. ... See MoreSee Less

Good to chat with local residents this morning as part of my Listening Post meetings.Image attachmentImage attachment

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....New World coming... Judgement Day , from Jehovah....Govts will be motivated to strip the Churches of all their money , etc...ok...

Its ok take care david coleman

Definitely an election brewing. Win or lose, David must be looking forward to it being over so he can go back to ignoring his constituents just like he has for the past 8 years.

Looks like you are really nailing the views of your local constituents under 50

How can we find out where and when these will be on?

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The Peakhurst West pool will be re-opened next Wednesday December 1. Thank you to Penshurst RSL Youth Swim Club and everyone who has spoken up on this issue, it's great that we have achieved this outcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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You had no authority to action this Re-opening date. This was not decided by you whatsoever. Believe Bluefin decided. You are “jumping on the bandwagon” to secure votes

How did you go with the introduction of a federal ICAC? Or too busy using federal tax dollars to get involved in the local government elections?

We had Carss Park pool taken from us. Many of us need to swim outdoors in 50m pools. So we went to Bexley Aquatic also run by Bluefit. However their pool is not open between 10 and 3.30. Can you please help with this David Coleman - Member for Banks

Good news! Thank you for your support!

That's great news!

Great News.


Leave Labor voters in the carpark

Cathryn McIntyre

Donski Lane

Eleni Calavrias

Please re open Carss park pool we travel to Sutherland bring Back Dick Caine

It’s great yo are talking about a swimming pool, now why don’t you talk about the violence that is happening in the aboriginal communities with them being forced vaccinated against their will…..

The man who has done nothing for over 8 years is now posting videos on social media... must be an election brewing... maybe he's worried he'll soon be "spending more time with his family".

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Hurstville Oval is a special place, and work is underway to upgrade its facilities with a new pavilion. ... See MoreSee Less

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From one Aussie to another ..Please Please Pleaase! Help ! Stop this Madness! I beg you ! I’ m losing my sanity and my life .... I’m 32 with 2 little girls..... I have worked so hard at being a GOOD person and now I fear once again it is being taken away from under me.... I couldn’t even pay for my daughters funeral at one point because I apparently owed Centreink 12 000 dollars of which I can assure you never was the case !! I PAYED it all back!! I have picked myself up time and time again....from packing shed’s to freight warehouse to farms and then Retail... I have only ever owned 1 car !I’ve never been able to pay for anything properly! I’m a proud father and a proud man/PERSON...... ! I WAS PROUD TO HAVE A GOOD JOB! NOW nothing... I’m a good man god dammit !! I don’t wont to have to be forced to take a vaccine with too many risks and not enough benefits and now they’d rather starve me and be homeless .... YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO CHANGE IT ALL GOOD vs EVIL HISTORY IS WATCHING PLEASE USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD PLEASE HELP me/every Victorian before its too late !!! Remember the little guy !!! don’t stomp on him ....

David Coleman - Member for Banks you must vote NO on the “religious freedom” bill. All you will be doing is entrenching the right to spread hateful and bigoted ideas born from books written centuries ago. Your religion has no place in my work, healthcare, education, or daily life. Keep your religion to yourself if it’s what you choose to follow. Vote NO.

.....I support Jehovah's coming New World....His Heavenly Govt.... people will build their own homes , and live in more injustices ....see Isaiah 65:21,22.... prophetic words.....

David Coleman - Member for Banks are you guys still doing your Donald Trump impression bringing in voter ID laws to stop a problem that doesn’t exist either here or where the orange clown comes from? Should we start your boss Scotty Trump?

Good how's that Biloea family travelling?

You are right David, I used to live around the corner from the oval (Carrington Ave), good times watching Martin Vinnicombe practicing. Did you spare a thought for the three families who have ruthlessly lost their family homes for a commuter car park. Peter Mahoney: Peakhurst Ward Candidate - Georges River Council, election season?

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The Peakhurst West pool must be re-opened. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hear hear David Coleman - Member for Banks thanks for your support! My kids are anxious to get back to squads AND their volunteer roles teaching the younger Penshurst RSL Youth Swimmers to Swim!

Totally agree David (I remember learning to swim here as well as primary school competitions) and Bluefit has a social responsibility where learn to swim is involved especially as we approach summer. Personally I think there is an argument that this pool is a model for building a couple more using local schools with the available land. I think most of us have given up on the local council rebuilding Carrs Park.

Please please make this pool so us locals can do laps ie not just open it to swim clubs/lessons. It's too far to drive to Hurstville overcrowded aquatic centre (way too crowded there)

BlueFit have made a dogs breakfast of basically everything they've touched. Couldn't run a hot dog stand at the Spring Fair

Mr David Coleman This is from Dick Caine , who was coach , teacher and ran Carss Park Olympic Pool for 51 years. In that time at least 16 St George schools , 7000 kids every summer learnt to swim . At least 5 senior and junior sporting clubs. 19 Olympic and World Champions , many from Barton . Blue fit took the management of the Carss Park Pool over . The pool is now closed and to be demolished. There is now none of the above facility for the St George community .

Great work David thank you! This weekend Penhurst RSL Youth Swim Club's older kids will compete at the zone carnival despite not being able to train before racing. We are the only club still not able to operate because of our pool closure. Some kids pulled out of the race due to lack of confidence. Nevertheless we'll go on because of people like you in the community!

Totally agree. What happened to the swim instructor. A tough lady but managed to get the kids swimming and the cost of swimming lessons was affordable.

What is their excuse for not opening?

Great work David, great post.

Another Georges river council involvement?

You're a great man David.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support on behalf of the Penshurst RSL Youth Swim Club Committee Mr Coleman. We look forward to opening soon with your assistance!

So get the Premier to drop mandates and your long list of rules around covid, then I am sure the owners will open it

As our Federal member, could you also let us know more about how you represent us on the Federal level please as I’m finding it very difficult to find. Thanks for your local council initiatives and lobbying of local councils; but if you could also tell us about your main Federal job

And they need to renovate the toilets too David.

Summer is here, holidays are approaching quickly, Children need lessons so they don’t drown!!

Well said David

Gee, it's almost like commercial business interests like BlueFit don't care about local communities. LNP local MPs and govts and at both a federal and state level have led the way here.

Tom Payne Bluefit.Pete.

Jack Rudkins

David Coleman - Member for Banks seems you do anything possible to avoid doing anything federally (you know, where you were elected to). A federal ICAC for example. Or is it just easier for you to spend all your time whinging about local government issues? Do your damn job.

Cathryn McIntyre

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It was good to join Picnic Point veteran John Shields for his Remembrance Day service this morning.

Lest we forget.
... See MoreSee Less

It was good to join Picnic Point veteran John Shields for his Remembrance Day service this morning.

Lest we forget.

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....both of our Grandfather's in WW1 and WW2....we certainly won't forget them...πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒΏπŸŒ΄πŸŒΏπŸŒ΄

Lest we forget

we must serve the country and our respected Soldiers of Australia to have peaceful place to enjoy.

What a wonderful man to be part of the day πŸ’•


Won’t be long till this will be happening for the current Genocides that’s coming caused by the government

.....the New World here soon..... Jehovah's Great Day....our dead loved ones resurrected....see Revelation 21:1-5....Acts 24 :15

.....The New World here soon ... Jehovah's Great Day will be upon us....our dead loved ones will be resurrected.....see Revelation 21:1-5....Acts 24:15....

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We will remember them. ... See MoreSee Less

We will remember them.

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Lest we forget!🌹

.....we will remember our Grandfather's....John ,WW1....and Ted , WW2.... resurrected in Jehovah's coming New World....ok...🌷🌷🌷

Lest we forget

We will remember them.

Lest we forget🌺

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