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As your Federal Member of Parliament, I am here to be a strong voice for our community in Canberra. As I said in my First Speech to the Parliament, the people of Banks are my boss...

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David was elected to the House of Representatives as the Federal Member for Banks in September 2013. He was re-elected in 2016...

About Banks

Banks includes much of the St George district and parts of the Bankstown and Canterbury areas. The following suburbs are in the electorate...

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Planning work is well underway for a new car park at Hurstville station, which will deliver additional car spaces for rail commuters as part of

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Olds Park is the centre of AFL in St George, with hundreds of local members of both St. George Dragons and Penshurst RSL Panthers. Really pleased that we'll be providing $750,000 if re-elected for a much needed new amenities block for the benefit of both clubs. ... See MoreSee Less

Olds Park is the centre of AFL in St George, with hundreds of local members of both St. George Dragons and Penshurst RSL Panthers. Really pleased that well be providing $750,000 if re-elected for a much needed new amenities block for the benefit of both clubs.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Whilst this is good news for the Olds Park users it would be really great if you would reply to emails with regard your position re ABC its funding and its privatisation.

What about St George Little Athletics. 200+ kids every Friday night for over 6 months a year. Why are they still competing on the leftover fields?

Well done David !

All the Best with the election results on coming Sat (21/05/22), David. I am sure your long good track record of caring for your electorates shall prevail as always.

Who are you voting for in Cook? That is where you live now right?? Does that mean your vote is for the PM and not yourself?

Good work

You are keeping my mum a prisoner in a nursing home, David do you have a mum ??????

I did Prepolling and Mr Coleman was right up in my face because I told voters he doesn't live in the electorate , yes folks bullying at its best. mr Coleman ,,if don't want voters to know that you don't live in the electorate, it's called being deceptive.

Your party has been in power for how long in NSW? It’s a bit obvious that this promise is just a carrot dangling to get votes.

Good to see which project you support. Three families lost their homes for a car park through the car park rort. Good to know where your priorities lie.

Maybe if you closed the concentration camps your party loves, you would have even more to spend on Sports fields....🙄

Fat chance.

still waiting for the roads to be fixed

David - what are you doing to save Glenlee in Lugarno please?

Obviously needs it@

Do you know you gave close to a million to essentially educate people about bees.

Please explain how this is a federal issue?

Always working hard 4 the area

How about doing something about our roads Great to upgrade sports fields but the roads in our area need more work on them Your government keeps talking about fixing the infrastructure yet the roads we have first need to be fixed Patch up jobs don’t fix anything It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg

In regards to Olds Park I suggest investment in the all weather netball courts .There is one court in particular that has no fencing stopping the water from running down onto court .Last Saturday the court had to be swept for quite a while to get the mud off the court before the young children could play and that was at 11.30

Hi David, Great work at olds park, how about some money is spend fixing the crossing on Penshurst St. This is an accident waiting to happen, spend a short amount of time watching the cars fly over this crossing and you will soon see how dangerous this is.

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The Georges River and its tributaries must be protected. Much has been done in recent years, but more action is needed. We've secured a commitment of a further $1 million towards projects to protect our local environment including the Lime Kiln Wetlands, Poulton Creek, Moore Reserve, Salt Pan Creek, and Morgans Creek. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thankyou for update David but I continue to be disappointed by your silence in the need to Save Glenlee!

Lime Kiln Wetlands are directly and positively impacted by the natural water filtration system currently located on Glenlee, 80 Boronia Pde Lugarno. What are your plans to protect this part of the Georges River David Coleman - Member for Banks?

Yes David Coleman- Member for Banks. Fed funding to Council seems an easy thing to arrange to save Glenlee

This from a government, of which Mr Coleman is a member, that would like to pretend that Climate Change isn't a problem to worry about.....

Yes well done on the Yeramba Lagoon Picnic Point several years back and interest in the River and Creeks.

I love what you've done for conservation to the area, David. Salt Pan Creek and Little Salt Pan Creek looks fantastic - I remember when LSPC was bogged down by algae. If only I could find an affordable and safe rental to stay living here and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Would appreciate an answer to my questions as to your thoughts on the ABC it’s funding and privatisation. Nearly time to make a decision re voting.

If my husband identifies as a wetland instead of a paramedic, will you protect him?

David ... $1m for the river system.. Nearly that was provided to save some bees

Our Environment Also includes our Local Birds which we have a Variety of at the moment, Looks like just like our trees which was lopped down in huge numbers the birds are also going to go. Do Include these living birds which do not speak our language to express their problems. If we have taken away their homes we have a duty to care for them too.

Vote for the immigration minister

Are you able to vote for yourself David now that you have moved back to Cronulla or will you be voting for Scott Morrison? Australian Politics - SMH/The Age Peter Mahoney Stephanie Riches Harries Sonia Baxant James Michael Deli Melina Amerasinghe Caroline Hart Debrah Lombe Peter Atkins Jacqueline Maley Matthew Knott Chloe Mason Malcolm Street Corey Dubberley

ABS April Unemployment estimate doesn’t reflect reality. ABS claims 594,000 lose their jobs but only 104,000 become unemployed (?!?) – by Gary Morgan, Michele Levine and Julian McCrann Yesterday the ABS released its April employment estimates. The ABS estimate 12,419,000 Australians were employed in April, down 594,000 on March. There were sharp falls for both full-time and part-time employed. The ABS estimate Australian unemployment increased by only 104,000 to 823,000 in April (6.2% of the workforce, up 1%). Australians will be asking, how can the ABS say 594,000 Australians have lost their jobs in April but only 104,000 become unemployed? This is because the ABS claim 490,000 people left the workforce in April. i.e. the ABS claims these people lost their jobs and were not then looking for work and available to start work during the reference week. These workers are unemployed – NOT out of the workforce. So the workforce size in April should match the March estimate of 66%. The real ABS unemployment estimate for April is closer to 1.35 million (9.8%) – an increase of 4.6% points on March. Combined with the estimated ABS under-employment of 1.82 million (13.7%) this leads to a combined unemployment and under-employment of 3.16 million (23.5%). This is much closer to the latest Roy Morgan April employment estimates which showed 2.16 million Australians (15.3%) were unemployed and a total of 3.48 million (24.7%) were either unemployed or under-employed. It is also important to understand that the Federal Government estimate around 6 million Australians are on JobKeeper and the ABS considers these Australians to be employed – whether they are currently working or not - so it is not JobKeeper which has caused this very low estimate of unemployment. The workers who are now on JobKeeper but are working for reduced hours are significantly boosting the level of under-employment in the Australian economy. The ABS has captured this with their under-employment estimate increasing by 608,000 to 1.82 million. The first JobKeeper payments made by the ATO were distributed only recently, in the first week of May. What really happened to unemployment in April? On May 1, 2020 Roy Morgan released accurate real employment and unemployment estimates for the whole of April. Roy Morgan’s unemployment estimate showed a massive 2.16 million Australians were unemployed (15.3% of the workforce) and this was in fact down from late March – when unemployment peaked at 2.4 million (16.8%). These April unemployment estimates captured the impact of the introduction of JobKeeper on March 30 which kept many Australians attached to their employer rather than become unemployed. In April there were a total of 3.48 million Australians (24.7%) either unemployed or under-employed, and this was down from the high of 3.92 million (27.4%) in late March. Why does it Matter? If we believe the ABS April unemployment release (does anyone?) and don’t read the fine print, when Australia went into lock-down many Australians did not become unemployed – they simply decided to leave the workforce. If we believe Roy Morgan many Australians lost their jobs and/or had hours reduced. The Roy Morgan estimates show that the drastic Government action that was taken in late March/early April did prevent Australia from plunging into a deep 'depression' as bad as or worse than 90 years ago. If you’re going by the numbers make sure they’re the right numbers! Critically, the ABS should make clear when publishing their April unemployment estimates that their results were based on interviews conducted April 12-25 using the 'employment reference period' of April 5-18. For the record, the ABS unemployment estimates are always lower than those of Roy Morgan because ABS employs a more ‘restrictive’ definition of ‘unemployment’.

It was great to learn in your email just now that you are working for Oatley, thank you David. So what are the environmental projects you are working on for Lime Kiln Bay and Moore Reserve?

You have done a good job for Banks David. But where is the ICAC that the PM promised at the last election? Does ScoMo think we have forgotten his promise?

Dossier of Campaign lies and falsehoods. This is how Scott Morrison operates. These are some that have been found so far.

Another Morrison Con Job Morrison’s Super Funds for young first home buyers to draw down $50,000 from their super funds seems to be another con job. Doing basic maths it shows very few will qualify as the $50K must be no more than 40% of the super fund balance which would need to be $125,000. If you calculate 9.5% over 15 years of super guaranteed levy contributions, each person would have had to average a wage of $88,000 per year for 15 years. This is not possible for the average couple trying to buy their first home. It is another con job by Morrison on undecided voters. Another desperate move by Morrison to lie his way back into another 3 years of government by deceit.

I see a lot of comments have been filtered out for some reason

The Coalition have turbocharged our deficit and has created a trillion-dollar debt they wasted on rorts, pork-barrelling, corporate welfare, and lining the pockets of political mates. Coalition’s Trillion-dollar Debt Wasted YouTube link:

David Coleman a vote for you is a vote for Scomo , The worse PM since Tony ABBOTT , A VOTE FOR YOU DAVID COLEMAN is a vote for 3 more years of waste and rorts. NAtional party dictates Climate science , you standing in a waterway is a joke. GO stand in the floodlands northern NSW or Qld

If only you had an interest for ecology on a wider scale instead of council issues. Sometimes you confuse me, are you on local council or federal politics?

What are you doing about all the medicines that are in either short supply or simply not available? Sick people need help as well as sick rivers and lagoons.

Always on duty. Works hard

I’d like to know what you will do to save Glenlee too. Your answer will inevitably help decide my vote.

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The Reconnect Project in Penshurst repairs donated phones and devices to provide to disadvantaged people in the community. The Project has gone from strength to strength since it started, and has now repaired and donated more than 1,000 devices. It was great to visit Reconnect today to let them know that a re-elected Coalition Government will provide $28,000 to help upgrade its equipment. ... See MoreSee Less

The Reconnect Project in Penshurst repairs donated phones and devices to provide to disadvantaged people in the community. The Project has gone from strength to strength since it started, and has now repaired and donated more than 1,000 devices. It was great to visit Reconnect today to let them know that a re-elected Coalition Government will provide $28,000 to help upgrade its equipment.Image attachment

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You can find out more about The Reconnect Project here.

Great project, reduce waste, well done. Now, may we have a statement as to your ideas on funding for the ABC and if it should be privatised or not.

Love this! Will now give any old phones!

You have been doing amazing work in our community Best wishes !!!

It’s a wonderful idea , gave them an old iphone and Mac - good to know it will go to good home

Thank you for your support of this great charity!

What a great initiative

Great initiative

Good luck Mr David Coleman - Member for Banks great to see you today in the community

Where’s the donation centre ?

Vote him last

All Smirk and Mirrors ShitMo has Got to Go! #LyingCrimeMinister

Australia Needs an ICAC Urgently. Criminals in positions of power need to be weeded out and jailed for their crimes. 75% of Australians want a strong ICAC. What does the LNP have to hide?

Morrison’s trend to “cry wolf” has come back to bite him on the bum. Scott from marketing is losing his ability to spin garbage into gold.

Thank.Good luck.

Mr Coleman , why do you not live in your electorate .? That in itself would be a great way to reconnect with your voters. The people who pay your wages . mr Coleman, a great way to reconnect with the voters of Banks is for you to be available for an open forum, locals asking questions , you giving truthful answers. For example, Why is Mr Tudge sidelined , after taxpayers money over $500,000 was paid to his former media adviser. Why was Marise Payne at Mortdale servo last month with you, and the PM , when she should have been speaking to the Solomon island PM. Now we have the debacle of Chinese government moving into the Solomon Islands , 2000k from Townsville. Why has your government dropped the ball on climate change policy over the last 9 years. Our children will see pictures of how the Barrier Reef USED TO APPEAR , now it's BLEACHED! MR Coleman , is all fine to open pet projects , but folks in BANKS are suffering due to cost of living , how do I know. PHONE BANKING ! you should try it Mr Coleman , pick up the phone and ring the folks in BANKS


A fantastic initiative 👏🏻

Sorry Annette know I always support you but on this I cannot.

Only trouble is that I suspect that most OLD phones STOP working because the phone networks change and old bands are reallocated, and a functional phone just stops working efficiently.. I am using a few phones as WiFi Remote controls.

it’s a wonderful initiative....but why haven’t you given them the grant during your current term as a Federal Minister? Horse, carrot, stick......typical eh

Wow like this project

How much did you give them during your current term?

David if you care so much for disadvantaged people why have you constantly voted for decreasing the availability of welfare and increasing the prices subsidized medication?

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Lots of good conversations around the electorate today. ... See MoreSee Less

Lots of good conversations around the electorate today.Image attachmentImage attachment

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May we have your opinion regarding the ABC, it’s funding and it’s independence.

Let's hope there is "a little less conversation"......and a few more written responses from the lady helping you at Revesby there. Another letter added to the pile yesterday.

A very good man always easy to talk to and always working for Australians and his electorate !

Do you prefer to reply to written correspondence as my emails are unanswered?

I was driving through Banks today. Great corflute coverage

The ABC is not abiding by its charter. It is a Left wing sounding board. Something must be done David Coleman.

What Do you do with all the non recyclable material you Advertise on?

Have I seen a ghost ?

How to vote to re-elect COLEMAN David, Member for BANKS.

These guys couldn't care less about you. They didn't say boo when you were being locked down when lock downs are known to kill more people than they save. They didnt say boo when Brad Hazzard and Kerry Chant were terrifying you will an absolutely fallacious narrative about cv. If you're interested hit me up for proof!! Did they even ask for the evidence?? Not that it would have helped because there is NO EVIDENCE. The TGA did no research of their own and simply swallowed the assertions of foreign interests which have now been shown to be lies. PUT THE MAJORS LAST.

It's alright talking to people as long as you take action on concerns Like the waste by local councils resealing roads that don't need doing. just to receive the money every year from state government.

You don't even live in Banks, you've lived in Cronulla for the past two years and only come out when there's an election on. You also seem to love voting against a federal ICAC and renewable energy

Your portfolio entails mental health right? Did you speak to family of the 16 yo boy that committed suicide last week that lives around the corner from your office...or any of the 4 families that have had teens commit suicide in the past 12 months in your electorate? You are nothing but a career politician an imposter. Tell the people about your attendance record in Parliament...when you get your chance to represent the 'people ' you don't show. People ensure this germ isn't elected again put the majors last. End the gravy train for this political parasite.

Misery guts Morrison has copied Hitlers lines: "Democracy is weak, we have so many enemies, in the world but I will keep you safe and prosperous' including the Hitlerish propaganda that he vomits out " the aged,the ill, the people with disability are sending the country broke'. They even started kids clubs to push them towards the defence force. Misery guts Morrison is a fascist and leads the other religious zealot fascists too. I won't vote for fascist pigs, OINK IF YOU VOTE LNP

still waiting for you to talk about fixing the roads 🙂 they’re still shit

David any chats about NDIS cuts especially considering your role as Minister for Mental Health?

As a conservative, I am very disappointed at your near total, if not total silence when Scott Morrison looked the other way and did all sorts of gymnastics to try to say he and his government did not support vaccine mandates. Individual liberty was discarded under the Liberal government and we did not hear the Member for Banks stand up for the values Menzies would have championed. When I discussed with you about the need for the government to take early treatment for covid seriously and I even sent you a full report of Dr Thomas Borody and Dr Robert Clancy with their Ivermectin-based treatment trial data, you hardly seem to have time to talk with me. The email response you sent was extremely disappointing. I don't know why you even bothered to reply. Mr. Coleman, Labor voters will already not vote for you. You are losing the support of conservative voters because of the way you and your government handled the last couple of years. Needless lockdowns, needless restrictions, needless and lawless mandates. Very very disappointing.

More conversations about greening/resurfacing sports fields? Or was there actually....finally....some substance and maybe even some recommended solutions for every damn family, pensioners et al re the current inflation rate, stagnant wages, raising interest know, the things that YOU as a Federal Minister should be addressing with your constituents..... Don’t worry, I’m aware there will be a ZERO RESPONSE from you re these questions......

As for ACE's comments , no hooker would engage with u buddy .

Mr Coleman u live in The Shire, since last election. Mr Coleman why did u have a year off representing BANKS. Mr Coleman u have heaps of corfluttes to remind voters who is the local "no show " Lnp . Mr Coleman a vote for u is a vote for MORRISON/ JOYCE LEADERSHIP

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We’ve secured support for a much-needed upgrade of Evatt Park. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

It’s funny how this urgent need was unsecured by David’s frantic work on the phone over years , just to be delivered now. Then again his inability to go to Parliament contrasts with super activity in the campaign

As much as I like Evatt Park, there’s some more pressing and important issues. Could you answer these questions please? Do you support the release of Julian Assange? Do you support a truly free press? Do you support protections for journalists from political prosecution? Do you support a robust democracy? Do you support the exposure and prosecution of war crimes? Will you stand up for these issues?

Great news. Could we please have a pool in Lugarno/Peakhurst for the public??? Rather than upgrade exsisitng sport facilities. I'd love to swim laps, but there is nowhere for me to do this locally. Even transform Peakhurst West pool so all the public can go and enjoy it/swim laps.

We are in debt up to our eyeballs. We really need $2 million spent on St George Hospital rehab services or new-born nursing follow up or registered nurses in aged care. David really is a small thinker who thinks he can buy our votes.

Now may we please know where you stand with regard funding for the ABC.? How important to you is the ABC.?

Can't wait for the upgrade, thanks David for this.

Thanks David for beautiful Park you show us.

synthetic field for olds park, much needed...its the busiest park in mortdale ward.

Metro train in revesby , its connection to Bankstown Lidcombe line and pubic ferry in George river would add more value to revesby . Public swimming pool is missing as well

Great work David.

Awesome 👏 Rod Dunn Jason Myers Richard Ekholm

This election is going hammer and tongs. No he is not related to me.Can,t wait until it,s over and the fat lady


What is the point is pinning a message facility when no one ever looks at them.. Scotty From Marketing is an embarassment

Penshurst RSL Kookaburras Girls Rugby League Penshurst RSL Kookaburras Rugby League Club This is great news for the legacy of a club est 1961. Rugby League season has started Register Now if you would like to play and be part of the H.V. Evatt Memorial Park community. #thankyou

Look that's great but we don't elect Federal Governments to do business as usual stuff like maintaining parks. Keep in mind it's our own tax money you've 'secured' too so credit to the taxpayer, not the Govt. Announcing it a few weeks before an election too is so transparently cynical. I'm more interested in your relative lack of useful climate action, renewable energy, public housing or tax reform policies. If your Govt had achieved anything useful in the last 7 years you could comfortably campaign on your record instead of trying to buy votes at the last minute like this.

Just a reminder that three families on Webb Street Riverwood lost their homes for a commuter car park. Coleman assisted with $10.5 million grant to the NSW government AKA Mark Coure. Car park over homes, not there's a housing affordability crisis or anything.

We need kerbside and gutters to be fixed in huntingdale Avenue

Why is the federal government getting involved in council and state govt issues? I'd much prefer you achieved progress on a federal ICAC, a national housing strategy, Pacific relations, and the transition to renewable energy.

So vote for us and we'll give you money typical #georgesrivercouncil plenty of money they must have if they can waste money resurfacing back street lanes that don't need doing or have any real traffic on them They put our rates up $400 we get 2 curb side clean ups when most other council areas in Sydney get 4 to 6

That’s wonderful- it will be v nice- But how about supporting Glenlee! Much need space for mental health and recognition of history and a chance to reconnect to Our river!

You do remember there’s an election in about two weeks don’t you? As a Federal Minister, doing predominately Council duties ....should you not be out in your electorate discussing/helping find some solutions to ease current know, like the rising cost of fuel, food, and living in general......but not you mate....let’s talk about grass and fields .....which people in the near future won’t be able to attend because they’ll need to decide if they feed their families or put fuel in their car. But hey, go you 🙄

Awesome‼️ LOVELY spot

Looks better than renown reserve where the renown league can’t play on a soaked mud laden ground The previous incarnation of the council raised the soccer ground level and affected drainage.

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