Federal Member For Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications

Albanese Government’s Wasted Year on AI, Still No Timetable For Action

The Albanese Government’s thin response to its AI discussion paper delivers little in substance but typifies their wasted year of distraction and wrong priorities.

Shadow Communications Minister David Coleman said that after spending much of last year considering the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia report, the Government’s big idea out of it was to form another advisory committee.

“The Government should have spent this time developing serious policies to deal with the giant issues heading our way on artificial intelligence,” Mr Coleman said.

“Instead we have a vanilla booklet which just kicks the can down the road.

“Around the world, other countries including the UK and the US are leaving Australia behind in planning for AI.

“In Australia, under the Albanese Government, there is too much drift, with a lot of talk about roundtables, guardrails and watermarks, but no actual outcomes.

“Not only do we have no outcomes – there is not even a timetable for any future outcomes.

“There is a grave risk that Australia will be left standing still when it comes to the effective management of what is the next great industrial revolution.”

Mr Coleman said this was typical of a government which has taken its eye off the ball on the key priorities of the nation.

“Artificial intelligence presents great risks and opportunities, so we need to ensure our policies are effective in harnessing these benefits to support a stronger economy,” Mr Coleman said.

“The Government is also letting Australian content owners down on AI. It has taken no action to protect Australian content from being plundered by AI without fair compensation or agreement.”