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Joint Media Release- New Artificial Intelligence Expert Group a Missed Opportunity

Joint Media Release


The Coalition welcomes the appointment of experts to the newly established Artificial Intelligence Expert Group but has concerns over its remit and longevity.

Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy Paul Fletcher said the announcement is a missed opportunity that does little to position Australia as a world leader in AI.

“This is another example of the Albanese Government putting a complex policy issue in the too hard basket. After a lengthy consultation and industry submissions, the best Labor can do is announce an advisory body,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Labor wasted 2023 and it looks like 2024 isn’t shaping up to be any better. The new advisory body is comprised of esteemed individuals but how can the public and industry expect serious public policy advice to be given to government on AI when the body is scheduled to cease on 30 June 2024?

“AI will transform our economy and it is critical that our regulations keep pace with this fast moving and evolving technology. But what we’re seeing from the Labor is an incompetent and slow government that is allowing Australia to be left behind other countries when it comes to AI.

“Of course the government needs to be alive to potential risks and the implications for our regulatory frameworks, but an issue that deserves just as much attention is ensuring Australia does not fall behind globally in this competitive field.

“Australia produces fewer than 200 PhDs a year in AI. This isn’t enough and we must grow our skilled AI workforce for Australia to stay competitive as AI continues to be taken up across the economy.”

Shadow Minister for Communications David Coleman said today’s announcement confirmed again the Albanese Government had little to show in developing important new AI policies.

“At a time when we need outcomes, not process, we’ve seen basically nothing from this Government in the last year,” Mr Coleman said.

“Holding roundtables, commissioning reports and announcing advisory bodies is not the dynamic action that is required on such a critical issue.

“Australia is being left behind by other countries on developing serious policies related to AI.

“We need a Government with the horsepower to lead in this area.  We need clear policy to ensure we capture the immense opportunities of AI, and address the risks.

“2023 was a year of drift and distraction for the Albanese Government. It looks like this policy of go-slow on AI will continue in 2024.”



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