Federal Member For Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications

Shadow Minister For Communications – Media Release – National Cabinet Must Act Today On Age Verification

Today’s National Cabinet meeting must endorse a plan to introduce age verification as a key measure in tackling violence against women in Australia.

Shadow Minister for Communications David Coleman said age verification offered a key solution to stopping children from accessing dangerous, violent and harmful material online.

“As many experts have noted, children growing up with access to dangerous, violent online content is a clear contributing factor in normalising violence against women,” Mr Coleman said.

“With National Cabinet meeting today to discuss ways to curb violence against women, the Government has a plan to address age verification available right now.

“In March 2023 the eSafety Commissioner recommended the Government carry out a trial of age assurance technologies to prevent children from accessing pornography and other damaging online content. This would be the first step in mandating a system of age verification for Australia.

“In November last year, the Coalition introduced legislation into federal parliament in an effort to force action on the eSafety Commissioner’s recommendation. This was not supported by the Government.

“The UK and a number of US states such as Florida have already legislated to introduce age verification measures, focused on both pornography and social media.

“National Cabinet has the opportunity today to take positive action and get Australia moving on age verification.

“We urge the Government to support the recommendation of the eSafety Commissioner, so we can introduce a system of age verification and help to reduce violence against women.”

The Hon. David Coleman MP
Federal Member for Banks
Shadow Minister for Communications